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To start with my first lesson with Lidia: I will surely never forget that day in Lidia’s cozy and warmly decorated (and, by the way, extremely conveniently located) language school in downtown San Francisco.  Lidia is one of the most demanding teachers I have ever experienced - that means she made me really work on my Russian which I highly appreciate. I have to thank her a lot for guiding me through authentic Russian literature and poetry which was highly motivating, especially in sharp contrast to the typical textbook dialogs. Also, I would like to highlight that Lidia cares very much about pronunciation and about the right usage of grammar in conversation and indeed practices this a lot with her students. Lidia and her husband Eric also regularly invite their students to celebrate Russian holidays or other special events. They are extremely kind hosts and the parties were always fun, sharing a feeling of Russian spirit thousands of miles away from the place where “Атланты держат небо на каменных руках” (Lidia chooses for every of her students a poem or song which is studied in detail in class, my song is about a set of statues in front of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, see


Most will agree that the best way to learn a language is to live in a country and immerse yourself in the language and culture. The next best thing is to have Lidia as your teacher! Lidia is the owner of TRADUX Foreign Language Academy and has been teaching Russian for over 25 years. She is so passionate about teaching that it is impossible not to get caught up in the language and culture of Russia. As with learning any language, Lidia will teach you pronunciation and grammar. But what really sets her apart is her passion and enthusiasm about immersing you in the Russian culture. You will learn Russian through a variety of means: reading poetry, fairy tales and news articles, listening to music, discussing art, customs and idioms, practicing conversational dialogs, as well as studying text books. By combining all these materials, you will not only learn to read, write and speak Russian, but you will come to love and appreciate the culture. You will enjoy Lidia and her style of teaching. She is an excellent teacher and a joy to know!



For anyone planning to travel to Russia, or learning Russian for personal and/or professional reasons, Lidia is an excellent guide for teaching the intricacies of both the language and the culture. Lidia's colleagues at TRADUX offer the same kind of learning for Spanish, French and Italian. Lidia's passion and love for the culture and language is infectious; you will enjoy learning the pronunciation, grammar and so much more that she has to offer. Reasonable rates for semiprivate (one other student) or private lessons, afternoon/evening hours and a convenient downtown location near BART make this a can't miss opportunity.