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Lidia is the best language teacher I have ever had in my 15 years and 3 different languages of study. Her passion for the language and her dedication to her students shines through in every class. Lidia’s use of poetry and classic texts not only instills enthusiasm for the culture, but also gives encouragement to learn more beyond the class, making the whole experience much more holistic that just learning grammar and vocabulary drills



It is hard to find a language teacher more passionate about his/her language and culture than Lidia. She takes a keen personal interest in each student, including their background, language aptitude and goals. She likes to incorporate an overall cultural aspect to her teaching as well as simply focusing on grammar. Her classes are fun, inspirational and educational. One comes away from a class with Lidia imbued with an enthusiasm for studying Russian. Another thing - -you will never be bored in one of her classes!


I'm happy to say that I'm a teacher myself and so I know that Lidia's teaching is first-rate. I've studied Russian for a decade and lived in Russia. Studying with Lidia has been the best thing yet for my Russian. I came to her with a high level of Russian already and I've learned so much. My Russian-speaking friends can hear the difference!


Lidia's class is never boring. I actually looked forward to them every week, and came home afterward feeling happy and excited. Her lessons are very holistic. She doesn't just teach grammar, or how to speak better, but she actually covers every single aspect of learning a new language: from pronunciation to reading to cultural issues, plus detailed grammar and vocabulary. Almost every lesson includes videos, songs or folk stories, which make one feel like all that learning is paying off. It was truly one of the best language classes I've taken, and I can speak 4 languages


I sang Rachmaninoff songs for my recital last year and some Russian piano teacher in Australia told me that my diction was perfect. 

I thought of you!!

Thank you and take care. 

Ji Young